$SKULL token was created to act as a utility token within a closed self-sustaining ecosystem driven by the nemonium spirit of the Cardano community. This stakepool provides safe, secure and reliable staking for the delegators. Pool have 1 owners and lifetime minted 33 blocks.

  • Pool IDpool1h0v99elmvl50rqk778ue6g49r3mtgq3z4draq6pzy0nqv000frd
  • ROA3.13%
  • Website
  • Live Stake1,29M β‚³
  • Active Stake1,25M β‚³
  • Last Reward Epoch340
  • Costs (ratio)0%
  • Costs (fix)340 β‚³
  • Pool Share0.02%
  • Delegators464
  • Blocks Epoch0
  • Blocks Lifetime33
  • Pledge - Registered1000 β‚³
  • Pledge - Live1,4k β‚³
  • DetailSKULL on

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