POWER POWER Stake Pool 2.

We are the pillars of Cardano. My daughter Ada and I run the Pool. We will be right here for the decades to come and my daughter will carry the legacy after me. Choose us and earn great rewards while supporting decentralization 🌎 Pool have 1 owners and lifetime minted 23 blocks.

  • ROA3.89%
  • Websitehttps://powerstakepool.com
  • Live Stake712,6k β‚³
  • Active Stake652,0k β‚³
  • Last Reward Epoch271
  • Costs (ratio)0%
  • Costs (fix)340 β‚³
  • Pool Share0.01%
  • Delegators59
  • Blocks Epoch1
  • Blocks Lifetime22
  • Blocks Est. Lifetime11
  • Pledge - Registered50,0k β‚³
  • Pledge - Live80,4k β‚³

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